Sunday, February 5, 2012

2012 Goals - This is My Year

So as one month has past into the new year and it's time to review how my goals we moving along. Well, after careful review I must say, I am already behind. Here are my goals for this year. My number one goal is to actually achieve my goals this year. I took a step back to make a huge step forward in my life. There are some things that I did not plan that came up but I will make the adjustments and make it happen. So what are your resolutions or goals this year?  Here are mine. Check in with me throughout the year to see my progress.


1) Actually achieve my goals.
2) Get a job during the week.  No weekends.
3) Pay off car.
4) Plan for my besties wedding and hosting events.
5) Plan for ongoing vacations.
     Florida and NYC (May and August)
6) Be constant with writing blog.
7) Give away or sale all unused items by April.
8) Look at life half full instead of half empty.
9) Only buy 8 must have items per season.
10) Stay focus.

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