Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Birthday Wish

As my birthday has come and gone, I can say that I am excited about this new year for me. I haven't been excited in a while. I had a great weekend mixed with excitment, relaxing, spending time with loved ones and shopping. Topped off with key lime cupcakes. I am a happy girl! 

As a looked at what I have accomplished this year, reviewing what I still need to work on, and looking at it to make sure I am living in the moment. I don't do that too often. Not putting off what I could do today. 

My promise to myself.

I promise to find what make me happy. I will weave that into my every day life. The next day isn't promised to any of us. So I w should enjoy evey minuete of every day. 

Work on my blogg at least 2 a week.

Make strides to further my own projects. My true happiness doesn't lie in working for someone else.